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Regular Hair Loss Treatment

Sheltered and beyond any doubt approach to solid, sound hair

At Hashmi Dawakhana you could be guaranteed of powerful, tender and safe result gave by specialists
to your male pattern baldness issues. After effectively treating more than 75,000 instances of fruitful
balding treatment for men and ladies in excess of 85 years, we are in ownership of skill to discover your
hair issues at an early stage and also give you the best alternatives of treatment.

Our three-pronged methodology of regular add-ins, Trichology and Technology is a winning blend that
has brought a grin to numerous enduring patients. Universal studies have likewise plainly demonstrated
that characteristic prescriptions neutralize the impacts of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) along these lines
controlling the movement of balding without any reactions. Isn’t it time you made your move to control
your balding?

Utilization of Natural Ingredients for male pattern baldness treatment :

At Hashmi Dawakhana we have effectively utilized some uncommon and phenomenal characteristic cures in male pattern baldness cases and have got great results from the same. The productive utilization of these cures originates from our unfathomable experience and top to bottom learning of this science. Clinical research on the characteristic cure Thuja has been led just as of late and has demonstrated its advantageous impacts in balding cases as a DHT inhibitor; however at Hakeem Hashmi’s we have been utilizing this solution for more than most recent 85 years in male pattern baldness treatment. This obviously exhibits our experience and skill in common drugs.

Point of interest of Technology :

Engineering has additionally been put to its best use at Hashmi Dawakhana where we offer Swiss
Polarized Rays (SPR) help (focused around the Nobel Prize winning Piler Light Therapy) for instances of
male pattern baldness. A Swiss engineering to begin with, this is demonstrated to have a helpful impact
on hair and scalp issue. Moreover, Low level Laser Comb is additionally made accessible for the patients
to create better dissemination in the scalp subsequently controlling the loss of hair and enlarging hair

Nutritionist experience :

At Hashmi Dawakhana our nutritionists from London additionally loan their mastery via precisely
diagraming dietary rules and regulations for our balding patients. These dietary tips have been clinically
checked over and over and are determined from the unfathomable knowledge of treating an extensive
number of patients over more than 85 years.

Unique plans for our patients :

Our uniquely planned Hakeem Hashmi’s shampoos have the right ph of 6.5 proposed by the Indian Dermatology Society. A large portion of our current patients report great results with proceeded with utilization of the same. Determined from common items, these are exceptionally delicate on the scalp but then extremely compelling in treating hair issue. For sound hair by and large, we recommend customary utilization of Hakeem Hashmi’s Shampoo (focused around your hair sort) and Conditioner.

Condensing the point of treatment at Hashmi Dawakhana

  • To control balding and bring it inside typical breaking points
  • To decrease the pace of crumbling To settle the diminishing of hair What does treatment at Hashmi Dawakhana comprises of?
  • Detailed case taking
  • Use of cutting edge analytic method – Folliscope
  • Determining the protected regular treatment
  • External common application wherever needed
  • Providing definite wholesome rules
  • Administering Swiss Polarized Rays (SPR) treatment (focused around the Nobel Prize winning guideline of Piler light help)
  • Providing master counsel on hair administration in the wake of analyzing the sort of hair and the state of scalp Our finishing up message to all male pattern baldness patients – Treat Early and Control Hair Loss before it gets past the point of no return!

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