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Self Hair Care

Notwithstanding Natural methodology and the effective utilization of innovation in treating our patients, we likewise expand our rich involvement in giving self hair consideration tips to our patients. These have been clinically confirmed over and over and are sponsored by logical studies.

Few Recommended Tips for Hair fall control :

  • Wash hair customarily with tepid to icy water to keep the scalp clean and solid – yet abstain from washing hair excessively oftentimes
  • Condition hair customarily to avert male pattern baldness because of breakage
  • Avoid blow drying hair particularly with high hotness since it prompts simple breakage of hair. Let the hair dry commonly
  • Avoid rubbing wet hair vivaciously with a towel – simply delicately pat them dry
  • Avoid brushing hair when wet since it is inclined to breakage at such time
  • Use a wide-toothed brush rather than a hair brush
  • Don’t pick haircuts that put weight on hair – e.g. tight pig tails, buns, and so on
  • If you must color your hair, pick smelling salts free items
  • Avoid harm to hair as created by synthetic treatment, perming, straightening, pressing, and so on.

Hair Care Tips Recommended by Our Nutritionists :

  • Avoid red meat since its a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) activator and hence disturbs balding
  • Include a greater amount of green tea and soya in your eating regimen since these are characteristic DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) inhibitors and hence help to control balding
  • Pumpkin seeds (sun-dried or broiled) taken day by day helps control balding
  • Black dates, Halim seeds (gardencress), dark raisins, fenugreek, eggs, nuts, cods are useful for treating balding because of weakness
  • Limit admission of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and lentils in the event that you are hypothyroid and its making you lose hair
  • For controlling balding because of dandruff (layered scalp), take 2 tbsp of broiled powdered flax seeds on a daily basis. Yogurt is also considered one of the best remedies that can reduce the intensity of scaling.
  • One should determinately curb one’s smoking habits and if possible one should put an end to these habits.

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