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Causes of Constipation – Constipation Treatment



The main cause of constipation in developed countries is insufficient fiber in their daily diets. Fibers which is found in foods such as complete meals, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, supplies the bulk that the muscle of colon (the major part of large intestine) needs to stimulates propulsion of the faecus. Lack of regular bowel moving habits is other cause of constipation. This may be result of poor toilet training in childhood or repeatedly ignoring the urge to move bowel. In the elderly person the latter is sometimes due to immobility.

Another cause of constipation in some elderly people is weakness of the muscle of the abdomen and the pelvic floor, which prevents adequate pressure when attempting to move bowel. In the person’s suffering by hemorrhoids (Piles) or as anal fissure (a crack in the skin around the anus), the pain experienced on passing the faecus can be severe enough to inhibit the initiation of the bowel movements.

Obstruction, much of the time, is a result of defective dietary patterns and absence of activity. Ordinarily, as the sustenance gets processed, it passes from stomach through the small digestive system into the internal organ. The vast majority of the water from the staying undigested nourishment gets reabsorbed in the internal organ. In the event that the internal organ (colon) ingests excessively of water because of moderate development of the undigested nourishment, the stools that are framed gotten to be dry and hard. Moreover, if the development is moderate enough to cause a urge for stool short of what thrice a week, it brings about blockage.

A percentage of the basic triggers of blockage include :
  • Poor admission of liquids – drinking less of water and different liquids.
  • Less fiber in eating regimen.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – very little of action.
  • No activity.
  • Ignoring the urge for stools when there is one.
  • Change in normal, voyaging.
  • Pregnancy and labor.
  • Abuse of intestinal medicines – Laxatives lead to reliance in the long haul in light of the fact that the colon starts to depend on the diuretics for an ordinary defecation.
  • Medications like specific painkillers, iron supplements, diuretics, antidepressants, and so forth.
  • Pain in the butt-centric district because of gap or heaps (hemorrhoids) can prompt concealment of the urge for stools later prompting blockage.
  • Hormonal issues like hypothyroidism.
  • After a stomach surgery.
In the event of blockage in youngsters, the accompanying must be considered :
  • Switching from bosom milk to container milk or robust suppers.
  • Toilet preparing uneasiness.
  • Ignoring a urge for defecation.
  • Hirschsprung’s infection (uncommon condition where the kid has a nerve cell deformity from conception that influences correspondence between the cerebrum and insides).

Some rarer reason for stoppage include :

  • Tumor of the entrails.
  • Lead harming.
  • Lactose prejudice.
  • Spinal line damage that has harmed.