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While we all know that most men with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are uneasy when it comes to male sexual health issues and rightfully so because these are by far the most common; a problem that used to be relatively rare in the past is quickly becoming a major problem and I have seen cases increase significantly over the years.

This is the main problem nowadays is delayed ejaculation, and while most men think that a long lasting erection and the ability to improve longer ejaculation is the last resort of a good boyfriend, maybe it leads to those problems. They are not expected, and unfortunately, there is not a lot of good and widely available information on what triggers this condition and what can be done about it.

Here are some of the following factors that can contribute to delayed ejaculation –

Adultery Movies and Masturbation:-

Nowadays access porn is much easier to access due to the Internet and as a result the increase in the frequency of masturbation among men has not only increased the time taken to reach an orgasm, but also leads many men to seek novelty and prospect. Gets used to it. Their life partner that can be impractical, to say the least.


Certain medications such as anti-depressants and others that are used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and insomnia can cause side effects such as delayed ejaculation in some patients. If possible, take all types of medicines under the supervision of a doctor. Secondly, if possible, use natural remedies under the supervision of a doctor. It’s good for your health.

Powder of alcohol or harmful drugs:-

Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or harmful drug powder can not only cause erectile dysfunction, but can also reduce your ability to ejaculate. If it destroys your immune system then gradually wean off this habit.

Slime effect:-

While some men may be physically aroused when they are intimate, they may not be emotionally attached and this is why some men may not reach orgasm due to other mental distractions such as financial issues and work-related issues.

There are some steps you can take to solve delayed ejaculation-

Reduce the repetition of watching adultery movies and masturbating and instead focus more on real sex with your life partner and add things that can improve your mental and sexual state.

Stop drinking too much alcohol. It’s okay to drink alcohol socially, but try not to overdose your drinking. It also improves the state of your mental and sexual health.

Check with your doctor or sexologist to see if any of the medications you are taking is causing delayed ejaculation as a side effect and try changing the remedy to see if that is the problem it solves. Remove (but only under strict medical supervision).

Bottom line –
I hope you follow all the above tips to reduce ejaculation and enjoy your life. If you feel any of the above problems and internal weakness or sexual weakness, then you need to consult a sexologist or doctor for better evaluation.

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