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A variety of sex positions can help you find out what you and your partner like in bed. It is important for you not to stick to monotony and support new positions. Staying in a habit for too long can drain the passion from a relationship. It is equally important to try new sex positions. What works best for you is the best sex position for you.

Different positions can stimulate different parts and depths of each partner. Different angles, positions and depths can help you feel the stimulus differently. Most men act on visual stimulation and that’s why they love porn. On the other hand, women’s senses focus more on touching, caressing and other parts of foreplay. Therefore, it is important to make sex a mix of everything to help both partners enjoy sex equally.

Here are some famous sex positions you should try –

Coital Alignment sex position –

It is similar to the mix-up position where the woman is on her back, and the man is on top with a alteration. The woman places a pillow below her butt to aid deeper penetration. This position in no doubt shall make the intercourse purpose pleasurable for both partners.

Doggy style sex position

Although this sex position is very popular, it has every reason to make the list. A woman’s kneeling position and a man’s entry from behind will certainly work for both partners.

The corkscrew sex position-

The woman lies on her back, resting on her forearms, and the man enters from behind. The woman can choose to close or open her thighs. With thighs closed, a woman feels tighter and deeper diffusion, while open thighs ensure greater clitoral stimulus.

Table Spoon Sex Position – Hold-

The woman and man are by her side, a man is spooning her from behind. He lets the male enter the female from behind while stimulating the clitoris with his hand. It is also an intimate position where a man rubs from behind. While not difficult, bring more romance and intense orgasms to the physic.

Some important tips about –

It is your responsibility to keep the relationship strong and happy. You should not feel nervous and freely talk about it with your life partner. You must think of new ideas to continue the marriage life. A submission different sexual position is the best way to excitement belongings up. Do more experiments, it will help you get to know each other better, and in time you will both feel completely happy in your life.

If something is bothering you and you think that sexual positions are not the right answer for you, think about seeking medical suggestion for your sexual problems. There may be a fundamental condition that is preventing you from living your sex life to its fullest potential. A sexologist will help you understand the accurate cause and give you the appropriate treatment. Most venereal diseases are treatable and timely analysis ensures timely treatment.

One thing you should know about is that you are wasting your time living with a sexual problem. This will weaken your relationship and make you both unhappy and upset. You may even have to leave a relationship. There is no shame or embarrassment worth losing. A sexologist’s wellness center is a safe place and will give you medical advice for your sexual problems. Most of them are cured in a few visits and you can live a full healthy and happy life.

Bottom line –
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