Impotency-An Overview

In other words, a total inability to get erection or ejaculation, an inconsistent competence to do so and a tendency to maintain erection for less time may be defined as an impotency. Impotency’s risk is high with the age. According to a research study, it is high in men with age of 60 years in comparison of men with age of 40 years. It is also said that the men with less education experience more of impotency. There are numerous…

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Treatment of Impotence with PXXL Capsule

Erectile dysfunction is the most usually experienced sexual problem amongst men. PXXL capsule is introduced as a prescription medication for this condition. Read below to learn more about this medication. Sexual problems have become a common occurrence amongst men. Unlike other medical problems, sexual problems not only affect a man physically but also psychologically. A sexual problem often causes a man to lead a dissatisfactory sex life. Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction, lack of sexual desire or…

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Excessive Consumption of Alcohol Can Lead To Impotence

Excessive intake of alcohol may affect a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection with sexual stimulation throughout sexual intercourse. Here are some facts about alcohol and how it may lead to erectile problems. It is also essential to understand that consumption of excessive alcohol may lead to various health problems including sexual disorders and heart problems. Consumption of excessive alcohol may affect your nervous system by slowing down the central nervous system functions. It can also hamper your…

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Does Excessive Masturbation Cause Impotence In Men?

In absence of a partner, masturbation is a healthy practice for physical and mental satisfaction. But if it becomes a habit and is practiced frequently then it may causes many side effects in form of sexual as well as physical problems. Many researchers have indicated in their research that if it is done more than twice or thrice a week then it may categorized under excessive masturbation. The sexual problems arising due to its excessive practice are listed below. Impotence…

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