Foods that Increase Semen Volume and Ejaculate

A decreased semen levels is the common reason behind male infertility. Number of males overlooks the fact that the sperm should also be motile in case they wish to conceive. Sperm motility represents the velocity, power as well as strength of the sperm cellular material and all these features is essential need in their road towards the egg cell. Quality of sperm and their increase has direct bearing on the nature and the kinds of foods that the men generally…

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Semen-Its Importance And How To Increase Semen Volume?

It is said that young age is the most beautiful time to live. Many youngsters go straight from childhood to old age and they do not know the value and the true joy of young age. Due to bad society, most of the youngsters play with their bodies on their own and get affected by many diseases related to sex and destroy their pleasant life by destroying semen. Today’s young people are devastating their life jewel (semen) with their own…

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How To Increase Semen Production?

Man feels more confident and masculine if he may ejaculate large volumes of semen. Moreover, testes are the only organ in the body which can increase semen production. Furthermore, higher semen volume not only increases the pleasure of ejaculation but also increases the sperm count. And, adequate level of sperm in semen is very essential to become a father of a child. In addition, large volume of semen is also helpful to last longer. Also, it is an essential ingredient…

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How to Cure Early Discharge of Semen?

Early discharge of semen is one of the frequent sexual disorders in men, characterized by sudden leakage of semen. This uncontrolled discharge of semen, also known as early fall or quick orgasm, may be caused by both physical and psychological causes. Intake of certain drugs, neurogenic causes, hormonal disorders and urogenital infections are some of the main causes for the occurrence of early discharge of semen. You can easily identify the disorder by undergoing biochemistry test, male hormone profile test…

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Foods and Diet for Healthy Sperms and Semen

Sperm is just one or two percent of the total volume of semen. A man is said to be fertile if the semen contains 20 million sperms in one milliliter of semen. The main causes for low sperm count are low motility, lack of semen or production of low quality of sperms. A good diet helps in increasing sperm count and semen production in the body. It has been found that in one fourth of the cases of couples, who…

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