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Important thing- You must take proper care of your sex toys to avoid vaginal problems. That is why it is very important to clean them correctly. We will talk about it in this section.
According to human psychology, pleasure is sacred and there should be no judgment around it, because even science believes that pleasure itself has health benefits. However, problems can affect your vagina when you use sex toys like vibrators and stimulators, for example not cleaning them properly.

For starters, you need to wash your sex toys before you indulge yourself. Why? This is because the biome of your vagina is very sensitive. Any contamination can lead to vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections.

So simply submerging them under water will not help, as the microorganisms will still remain on the surface. You need to learn proper cleaning techniques for each of your sex toys.
But sadly, people make a lot of mistakes when cleaning their sex toys. Today we are going to underscore them so that you do not make the same silly mistakes.

Here given five suggestions for clean sex toys in the proper way – Let see

Cleaning leaky sex toys with water –
Not all sex toys require water to clean. Only the non-porous ones should be cleaned with liquids. This is because the pores absorb water, which leads to dampness and eventually the growth of bacteria and fungi. Please note this.

Keep them wet –
Clean water alone does not guarantee dryness. You should dry them properly with a hair dryer or let them air dry by placing them in a clean station where no one can touch them. Once your sex toy is completely dry, only then should you put it away or use it. Please note this.

Do not clean them as soon as you receive them –
We agree that your vibrator comes in a packed box, but this does not mean that the product has never been touched. Also, it’s quite possible for microbes to settle on the surface of your sex toy, so be sure to wipe it off as soon as you receive it. In fact, you should clean them before each use. Please note this.

Use strong and/or perfumed soap to clean –
Perfumed soaps and harsh cleansers can upset the pH balance of the vagina, making it vulnerable to bacterial or fungal growth. So buy a suitable cleanser made for sex toys or use your own douche. Just remember, you don’t want chemical residue from your product messing with your vaginal biome. Please note this.

Do not wash them after use –
Cleaning before and after sex toys is a must for a simple reason, as vaginal mucus from the toy can interact with surrounding pathogens. This will make the sex toy a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Please note this.

Bottom Line –
Always remember that your vagina is clean, but your sex toys are not. Therefore, you must be very cautious and try to avoid these invisible bacteria while cleaning. However, you feel some kind of yeast infection or you face the same problem over and over again. Don’t be shy, talk to your doctor or sexologist.

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