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Know about low Testosterone & Erectile dysfunction

Low testosterone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction. Taking testosterone can help with erections. Patients with type 2 diabetes are exposed to low levels of testosterone. Type II diabetics are three times more likely to develop ED than non-diabetic men.

The following is the chart age group percentage distribution of males affected by Erectile Dysfunction in a 2020 published study based on local health claims data.

Age factors Males in the study percentage
Total no of people 200000  
Total no of affected people ED 50000 25%
18-29   2.0%
30-39   2.5%
40-49   4.5%
50-59   6.0%
60-70   10.0%

Vacuum therapy equipment and penis pump –

FDA approved treatment of erectile dysfunction using vacuum therapy devices and vacuum therapy techniques under medical prescription. The penis pump is a vacuum erection device. This penile pumping technique uses negative pressure to drive and increase blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis. Penis pump devices can be used before intercourse.

What is FDA? – This means that a company must show that its drug or biological product is safe and effective for the future use and that it can manufacture the product to unified quality standards.

More information on the treatment of erectile dysfunction –

Vacuum therapy and penis pumps are referred by sexologist doctors when medicine methods fail. External custom vacuum therapy is used to achieve an erection. Penis pumps can be equipped with a separate density ring at the base of the penis to maintain an erection.

Other penis pumps do not have pressure rings. You will get pumps without density rings for the temporary treatment of impotence. These penis pumps without compression rings often claim to increase the length of the penis when worn.

These can be used as a masturbation aid for vibration. As a last option, when penis pumps fail, hot-air balloon or rigid penile implants can be surgically placed.

Substitute medicine and natural remedies for erectile dysfunction-

The America Food and Drug organization does not recommend alternative therapies for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. You may find a lot of advertising for products like “Ayurveda Viagra” or “natural” sexual improvement products on T.V. local channels, which are not trustworthy.

No medical organization in the world has published or approved clinical trials or scientific studies that support the effectiveness of such products for the healing of erectile dysfunction.

Bottom Line –

In most of the cases, erectile dysfunction is 100% treatable if you can treat the underlying physical, emotional and psychosomatic causes, as long as you visit a authentic sexologist near you and avoid the disorder that has been unfair by the Indian health bionetwork sexual.

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