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A important survey regarding texting –

A important survey was conducted to examine self-perception of dependence on text messages.
Leads to psychological/ behavioral symptoms in relation to personality factors. Japanese
High school students completed a self-report questionnaire to measure the frequency of lessons
Messaging, self-perception of dependence on text messages, psychological/behavioral
Symptoms, extraversion and neuroticism. Self-perception of dependence on text messages
Was made up of three factors: perceptions of overuse, emotional reactivity, and
Relationship maintenance. Although the frequency of messages was significantly related to
Psychological/behavioral symptoms, this effect was rated by self-perception and
Personality factor In particular, the self-perception of dependence on text messages
Affected psychological/behavioral symptoms. Importance of the distinction between
Extroverted and neurotic dependence on text messages through the process of
Self-perception of maladaptive behavior is discussed.

Today, people are increasingly relying on their phones to communicate virtually, in many cases minimizing in-person interaction. And people are behaving more and more intimately and delicately through these digital channels. The inevitable effect of this effect is clear, but its extent as a root cause remains to be seen.

No mobile, No life –

The current research examined how psychological/behavioral changes
Characteristics of text message dependency in relation to self-perception
Dependent behavior. Our hypothesis is that the self-perception of dependent behavior
Increases psychological/behavioral symptoms related to extraversion and
Neuroticism. Although personality factors had a significant impact self-perception, these factors did not directly predict psychological/behavioral changes symptoms. Similarly, the frequency of texting had little effect on psychological/behavioral symptoms. According to the scheme presented at the beginning,
The self-perception of dependence on text messages will be one of its key predictors.
Psychological/behavioral symptoms. These results are in line with the findings showing that people with a high dependence on the internet have a loss of control over time, a high neuroticism and high emotional symptoms.
Effect of message frequency on psychological/behavioral symptoms
Extinction occurred after entering self-perception into the model. In particular, the notion of
Excessive use showed the greatest effect on psychological/behavioral symptoms of
Text messaging dependency. There is no doubt that the compulsive use of text messages.

The most fundamental feature of dependency. This factor includes elements related
The notion of socially inappropriate behavior in Japanese cultures, such as the use of text
Message while having a face-to-face conversation with another person. Subjective
Perceptions of malicious and inconsistent text message use in interpersonal contexts
Participants may be suffering from psychological/behavioral symptoms.
However, we should note that this result has been interpreted carefully because
You are likely to be confused between a perception of overuse and a subjective report
As for the number of text messages. Although a feeling of compulsive use of
Communication is an important feature of media dependency
(Young, 1998), people who are really dependent on text messages may have difficulty
Report your actual use of text messages. More research with more objectives
Measures of text message use are needed to examine the importance of the notion of
Excessive use to clearly explain the reason for the reliance on the text message.
We rely heavily on our current technological world, but this heavy reliance on social media and messaging outlets can actually lead to largely unrecognized problems.

Distraction is one of the main downsides of constant texting. That’s because it builds a wall in the way of healthy communication and distracts us from the real world around us. Relying too much on instant messaging services can also put us on the path of multitasking effectively.

Keyword –

In today’s world there are many young people who spend hours on the phone.
Between social networking and simple messaging, staying in touch with people or family has never been easier.
Mobile texting has become a part of life, both personally and professionally.”

Mobile text messages are very harmful to our health because while you use your mobile you do not go out, play or walk, so different types of diseases enter your body every day. You fall into your personal life.

What to do such in condition?

I hope all the mobile texting habits mentioned above will reduce day by day and enjoy your life. If you experience any of the above problems and internal weakness, or fatigue, you need a consultation, so visit a sexologist or doctor for a better evaluation.

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