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In important research,- Women’s sexual problems often lag behind men’s sexual problems, especially in the last 12-15 years due to the launch of Viagra and Man force and the subsequent rise in marketing, which has created a lot of awareness of erectile dysfunction in the men.

But it is very important not to forget the fact that many women suffer from some type of sexual health problem at some point in their lives. These can range from minor discomfort during intercourse to a complete loss of libido.

It is important for both men and women to realize that these problems are more frequent than they think and that they should educate themselves about these conditions and be aware that there are many effective treatments that range from counseling to medication or a combination of both.

Whenever you or your partner faces a problem related to sex, the first step is to contact a qualified sexologist or sex therapist to discuss the problem. Overcoming the fear of humiliation about your problem is the key to being able to treat it effectively.

The cause of female sexual dysfunction can be psychosomatic or physical, and a good psychotherapist or doctor (sexologist) with experience in this field can correctly identify and solve the treatment.

Which concerns men and women, depending on the age, nature or intensity of any type of male or female problem, the use of various treatments ranging from counseling, use of appropriate lubricants, pelvic exercises, change in any antidepressants, can be done. May go into diet, general exercise and hormonal treatment, etc.

The cause of female sexual dysfunction can be psychological or physical and a good counselor or doctor experienced in this area can properly identify it and offer treatment.

Depending on the age, nature, or severity of the problem, a variety of treatments may be used ranging from counseling, use of appropriate lubricants, pelvic exercises, changes in any anti-sedating medication, and changes in diet, regular exercise, and hormone therapy. Etc.

It is important to communicate these problems not only to your sexual health specialized (doctor), but also to your life partner. And the woman’s partner needs to understand and support her and help her get and use the treatment arranged by the doctor and never self-medicate.

Remember that most female sexual health problems are treatable and there is no need for you or your partner to suffer without cause as problems in your sexual life spill out over into your normal life and cause more problems in your relationship and cause stress and unnecessary stress.

What to do in such a Problems?
Even if there are problems comes in sexual health, in such a situation go to a Doctor (sexologist) and consult him.

Bottom line –
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