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Don’t worry about it, low sex drive is a common problem that people face at some point in life. Low sexual desire in men and women can be due to many reasons. It can happen to any gender and at any age. If you are going through a sad situation in life, it is normal that you do not feel like having sex. Priorities may diverge and physical intimacy takes a backseat. It usually improves over time as the condition improves.

It is commonly seen that low sexual desire in men can lead to feelings of shame and guilt. By abstaining from sex most of the time, your partner may question the relationship. This becomes frustrating for both of you and can take a toll on the relationship. Low sexual desire is more familiar in women than in men, but both genders can experience low libido. The reasons may be the same regardless of gender.

Reason – low sexual desire –

First of all – we take most important reason

Role of aging –

As is commonly mentioned, a decrease in sexual desire is part of aging. Although this usually happens to everyone, you can still revive the spirit if you wish. Low sexual desire is usually seen in men over 40-45 years of age. If you feel that this is not the case and you want to be active in bed, you can consult a sexologist for more help.

Role of stress –

This is a very important reason; stress is a major contributor to compromised sex life. Excessive stress over everything has become a part of almost everyone’s life. Work schedules are busy and everyone is running for more money and fame. Fierce competition at every stage of life can be overwhelming for people. Despite this, if your stress comes from a professional or personal space, you need to combat it well in time. Learn to deal with stress and make the most of what you can. Being happy should be the goal. Excessive stress will surely consume all your time and energy, leaving you exhausted when you are with your partner. Stress can cause physical symptoms and exacerbate medical conditions. It is important to manage stress and give your partner adequate time.

Role of mental illness –

Stress can be a contributing factor to mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Depression makes everything less attractive, and low libido is one of the symptoms of depression. Antidepressants can further complicate the situation, since they also cause a decrease in libido. It is important to consult a sexologist and seek expert opinion on the condition. Managing the condition can improve sexual desire, which everyone wants to pursue.

Role of bad habits-

Falling into bad habits like excessive alcohol consumption can impair reflexes and lower testosterone levels. General alcohol consumption can affect sexual life. Similarly, smoking is detrimental to health and sex life. Smoking restricts the blood vessels that affect blood supply and this can result in low sex drive in men and women alike.

Role of erectile dysfunction –

The inability to achieve or maintain an erection can alert a man. This can lead to a lack of confidence and anxiety, which is a never-ending cycle. Therefore, sexual diseases such as erectile dysfunction can also affect sexual desire in men.

Can you improve your sex drive? How

Role Healthy eating –

You need to be in good physical shape to have a healthy sex life. Food is an important part of your well-being. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Rely more on whole foods, nuts, legumes, fish, and eggs to meet nutritional needs. Stay away from packaged foods and takeaways. Cook fresh food at home with raw ingredients for the best health.

The role of foreplay –

Everyone knows about foreplay, but how many people actually spend their time doing it? Not many, certainly. That’s why sexual intimacy no longer seems interesting. Spend some time in each other’s bodies before you get into the action. It will make all the difference in the pleasure you feel during sex. Strive to give each other the best time in life and you will have a great time in return. Focusing on foreplay will make sex more pleasurable and combat low sexual desire in men. It is equally important to spend adequate time with the woman, as most women need clitoral stimulation to feel pleasure.

The role of the supplement-

Include some aphrodisiac foods in your diet to reap the benefits. These foods include chocolate, herbs, figs, and bananas. It can increase serotonin levels, which will help lift your mood. Watermelon is high in L-citrulline and can also help improve sexual desire. A cup of coffee contains caffeine, which increases blood supply and improves sexual performance. Various foods can help you improve your libido.

Role of exercise –

It may seem too mundane to mention exercise as a solution to all problems. However, this is true for many health problems. Staying physically fit can help you address many imbalances, and low libido is one of them. Breaking a sweat or brisk walking in the gym can make a big difference. It is scientifically proven that exercise helps combat sexual dysfunctions and sexual desire is one of them.

Bottom Line –

Low sexual desire in men in our society can be due to many reasons. There is usually no direct answer to sexual dysfunction and you may need a little more help to find the exact cause. Because most of the people feel ashamed about this problem. Similarly, low sexual desire in women can be due to many factors. Don’t feel ashamed if you feel low sexual desire in your life. First of all, talk openly with your partner. Therefore, for a better assessment, you should visit or write to a sexologist.

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