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If you are attracted to a personality or a character, it is normal. You may think that you are only attracted to a certain type of person, especially when it comes to physical traits, but science has shown that attraction changes based on your environment.

Most of the people in our society do not pay attention to their health condition because there is more stress, fatigue, pressure and financial problem in our life. So we should look around us and think that not only me but all the people are suffering nowadays.

Researchers using male paramedic cadets as subjects tested whether very large changes in the environment alter the perception of attractiveness. Yes, it can change.

I had an adult boy (around age 20) living near me.

He follows a very loose timetable and faces various kinds of looseness or fatigue or stomach problems. He starts suffering from physical and mental health issues. This means that he is completely opposed to the working style of strong men.

The cadets were shown faces and their attractiveness was assessed before and after intensive training. The results showed that after days of intense training, men preferred slightly heavier women before preferring women who were underweight. This is the main reason with respect to human physiology.

This may be because, in harsh environments, female fertility is stronger when a woman is overweight, making her more attractive. This theory was strengthened by the fact that there was no difference in female cadets’ preferences for male faces of different weights before and after training. This is the actual fact about this physiology.

Andrew and John found that during boot camp, male cadets shifted from a basic preference for underweight women to slightly heavier (but not overweight) women. This is good evidence that the strict regimen of the countryside changed men’s choice. The change occurred rapidly within three days and stabilized in the last session, suggesting that continued exposure to harsh environments does not enhance the effect.

Its good habit follows it.