Late research has demonstrated that the predominance of sexual brokenness is high in both the genders. Amongst females, the predominance ranges from 25% to 60%, the normal being around 40%. The definite rate is hard to discover since countless go unreported. This may be because of the social disgrace appended to sexual issue. Notwithstanding, with evolving times, more ladies are getting to be interested in talk about their sexual issues with their doctor and look for treatment for the same as well.

Any issue that keeps a lady from encountering sexual delight might be incorporated in the umbrella term ‘female sexual brokenness’. In this way, female sexual brokenness incorporates any of the protestations extending from absence of sexual yearning to nonappearance of climax and anything in the middle. It is not remarkable for ladies to encounter frightful sex (dyspareunia) however this again is one of the issues that go unreported.

An intermittent issue with sexual capacity is an ordinary marvel however in the event that this has a tendency to get dull, auspicious treatment must be looked for. Characteristic treatment brings out great reaction as a rule since the pharmaceuticals work at the level of the body and in addition personality. At Hashmi Dawakhana, we have been treating female sexual brokenness for around 85 years now and have had great reaction much of the time calming numerous ladies from their affliction. It is proposed that patients settle on treatment at an early stage to encounter greatest profits from the treatment.

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