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The occurrence of sexual health problems in men is on the rise not only in India but also in the rest of the world, it’s true about our mental and sexual conditions. Most people feel shy when sharing personal things with friends, relatives also doctors.

Some other reasons for the dramatic rise of this gender symbol are the exploding population growth with current lifestyles including mostly unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, which contributes to stress and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. TERN can cause sexual dysfunction in men.

Here is good or bad news regarding medical science.
First, we’ll take the good message that medical science is more effective in diagnosing and treating most sexual health problems, the main ones being erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

And secondly, we will discuss here the bad message that most men suffer from their sexual dysfunction due to one of the main reasons that they feel nervous when talking about their condition with anyone, including their partner, close friends. , family members and even their doctors. This hesitation is natural given the shame emotionally involved to most sex-related issues in our society.

Although awareness has been raised (due to celebrity and athlete endorsements) to negate the stigma associated with erectile dysfunction by erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra, other men’s sexual health conditions like premature ejaculation, other sexual weaknesses, there are still great social stigmas Attached to.

In our society, there is a fad going on nowadays that there is a lot of pressure on men to maintain a “He-Man” image and that the most important part of this perceived image is a man’s sexual prowess and it is unlikely. A person suffering from any of the above diseases cannot discuss their problem openly or freely for fear of ridicule, and this makes them very sad and disappointed as they not only enjoy sex but also their self-confidence and image. Is. Take a batter too.

All of these have a clear impact on their relationship with their spouse or partner; Discord. The end effect can even lead to the breakup of the relationship in some cases. So take some time to talk openly
About the internal problem with your life partner or relatives, and don’t be shy.

Bottom Line – In most cases, sexual problems are 100% treatable if you can treat the underlying physical, emotional and psychosomatic causes, as long as you visit a genuine sexologist near you and avoid the disorder that has been sexually inappropriate. Don’t be shy, talk too freely.

If you have any queries regarding your sexual health issues then ask your question to one of the best sexologists in Amroha, India.