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The advantage of different sexual positions –

A variety of sexual positions can help you find what you and your partner like in bed. It is important that you do not stick to boredom and support new sexual positions. Being in a usual position for a long period of time can decrease the passion of the connection. It’s good for you that trying new sexual positions is just as important. What works best for you is the best sex position for you.

A variety of situations can stimulate different parts and depths of each couple. Different angles, positions, and depths (sourse – Kamasutra) can help you feel the stimulation differently. Most men act out of visual stimulation and hence their love of porn. Women’s senses, on the other hand, pay more attention to touching, caressing, and other parts of foreplay. Therefore, it is important to make sex a combination of everything to help both of you enjoy sex in the same way.

Here Is a List of the Best Sex Positions for You to follow, try it

It’s no secret that cowgirl (or reverse cowgirl, or comparison, or couple on top) is one of guys’ all-time favorite sex positions, and it’s not just because it offers a great view from below. When your partner is on top, they can have full control over the pace and rhythm of sex, maximizing your pleasure as you go along on the (verbal) ride.

If your partner has a vulva, you are more likely to have sex when she is on top due to the direct contact between her external clitoris and your body; all that grinding can make a world of difference. If friction doesn’t get them off, cowgirls also free up their hands to hold the vibrator to their clit while they ride you.

Classic cowgirl sex position –

How it functions: You lie on your back. Your partner is sitting on top of you like a horse, straggling you. His knees and calves are pressed against the bed.
Why it’s nice: Your partner can take control. They can be tilted backward or forward, controlling the depth of penetration and possible
G-spot stimulation.

Squat cowgirl sex position-

How it functions: It’s similar to cowgirls, only instead of your life partner; they’ve planted their plants on the bed in a sitting position.

Why it’s nice: With this position, you can take hold of your partner’s butt and push deeper. So even if they’re on top, you’re in control of the pace and speed. You also get a lot of leverage in this position, making it visually appealing and less burning on the thighs than the classic reverse cowgirl sex position.

It’s also best if the cowgirl squats down to fetch the toys. We suggest bringing a large toy with a long handle (such as a magic stick) so the recipient can rest their elbows on their knees while stimulating the clitoris (vulva part).

Reverse cowgirl sex position –

How it functions: It’s exactly like classic cowgirl, except instead of facing your partner, she’s facing away from you.

Why it’s nice : It’s all swag, right in your face.

Lean-Back Reverse Cowgirl sex positions –

How it works: Start in reverse cowgirl and then have your partner lean back so that their back is against your chest and their forearm is resting on your side.

Why it’s nice: While being aggressive, you can also cup your partner’s breasts and play with their clitoris. If you do this position correctly, you can hit many erogenous zones. (Point to remember: Your partner will need loose skin to overcome this condition.)

Dead man’s cowgirl sex positions –

How it functions: The receiver starts in a classic cowgirl position. They then swing one leg at a time so that both are directly behind them, on either side of the penetrating partner’s extended legs. The receiver will essentially be completely flush with your partner’s body while your partner’s penis or dildo is still inside your vagina. This position may require a bit of maneuvering, so take your time moving your legs around your body and your legs. If it doesn’t work the first time, you can always try again.

Why it’s nice: This position allows for a unique type of low diffusion. In most cases, the penis or dildo will not be able to penetrate more than a few inches. It can feel intense and unique compared to other forms of stimulation. By moving your partner’s body up and down, the recipient has very direct contact with your clitoris.

Crab cowgirl sex position –

How it functions: The crab is similar to a cowgirl sit, only your partner leans back and keeps their weight on their arms.

Why it’s nice: This position can allow for deeper penetration, but it can also be physically difficult. Start slowly to see if it works for both of you. If it doesn’t, turn to the cowgirl who sits back.

Sex chair position-

How it functions: Sitting in a chair, tilt your partner face to face.

Why it’s nice: This position allows for pushing and grinding, and it’s great if your partner’s legs aren’t always up for sitting or straddling. It’s also an intimate position that lends itself well to kissing and eye contact.

Octopus sex position –

How it functions: Sit up in bed with your arms extended behind your back for support. Your legs should be apart in front of your body. Have your partner lie on their back, facing your crotch. Then raise your legs above your shoulders. From there, your partner can move closer and you can start penetrating.

Why it’s nice: At first, it’s not as hard as it sounds, but you’ll feel like a sex pro. Just take your time getting into the situation. This is nice because you can grab your partner by the thighs and push yourself onto them, allowing for super deep penetration.

Lotus sex position –

How it functions: To get into the lotus position, you need to sit cross-legged and close to your body. Your life partner should then sit on top of you, facing you. They can then enfold their legs around you or hold them to the side. You should support their back to support them and help keep their body together.

Why it’s nice: This position doesn’t allow for excessive emphasis, but it is a closer pretense that allows for hugs, kisses, caresses, and strong eye contact.

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