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There is a sex problem, depression or marriage is breaking, know the diagnosis here

Many sex problems like lack of satisfaction during having sex (Unsatisfied Married Life) or lack of excitement about sex in a woman or a man after marriage are common. There are many such sex problems in women and men, about which women or men are unable to discuss. In such a situation, if the sex problem is not solved, then its result can reach to suicide. Today we are telling here such a problem and its solution.

  • Dissatisfied married life or bad sex life is the biggest reason for marriage breakup.
  • There are many sex problems, which women or men are not able to discuss.
  • If the sex problem is not solved, then it can result in relationship breakdown to suicide.

Unsatisfied married life or bad sex life can be the biggest reason for the breakdown of marriage. If sex problems are not resolved with time, then it becomes impossible to save the relationship. There are many sex problems like lack of satisfaction during sex or lack of excitement about sex in women or men after marriage. There are many sex problems like lack of tension in the penis of men, dryness of women’s vagina, which women or men are not able to discuss. Due to sex problems, if proper advice and therapy is not received in time, then the person may also suffer from inferiority complex and depression. In such a situation, if the sex problem is not solved, then its result can range from relationship breakdown to suicide. Today we are here to tell you about sex problems as well as how to diagnose it.

  1. Pre mature ejaculation

If the semen comes out prematurely while having sex in a man, then it is called Pre Mature Ejaculation. This condition spoils the sex life. But its solution is very simple.


It depends less on the disease and more on the mental state. First of all consult a psychologist. Better to go to the quack and get it treated properly, that too from a good sex specialist. This problem can be easily solved.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

This is a common problem in men. The lack of tension in the penis at the time of libido or the loosening of the penis as soon as it comes is called erectile disinfection. The main reason for this is mental rather than physical. The biggest reason for not getting tension in the penis is worry and tension.


Its treatment is also that you should be happy before sex and go to bed completely stress-free, even if the problem persists, then finally go to the sexologist.

  1. Painful intercourse

This is a common problem of women. Pain during intercourse also keeps many women away from sex. The reason for this can be dryness, swelling or any infection in the vagina.


Enjoy the woman, if you have sex in the right position, then this problem will not arise. Also, use a good lubricant for this. If even this does not give relief, then a doctor should be consulted.

  1. Infection of the genital organs

Itching in the genitals is another sex problem. Infection occurs due to not cleaning the vagina properly, constipation, infection in the secret organs, etc.


This problem gets corrected by keeping cleanliness and using condoms during sex. If still the problem persists, then a doctor should be consulted.

  1. Decreased desire for sex

Generally this problem is seen in women. Decreased desire for sex in women can be due to depression, fatigue or stress. Many women also feel pain by touching certain parts of the body.


Your partner has the cure for this. Take special care that there should be no tension in family discord and relationships. You understand your partner and his needs.

  1. Lack of Lubrication

In women’s vagina, lubrication, that is, wetness, is considered a measure of excitement. Lack of lubrication is common in women with age, but if a woman complains of deficiency in it even at a young age, then this problem should be treated.


The touch of the partner is very helpful in lubrication. But many times women do not get lubrication by the touch of the partner. For this, many types of lubricants are also available in the market, use them.

  1. Not having an orgasm or being late

It is a common sex problem for women not to reach orgasm during intercourse. This problem can be due to mental stress or pain during sex etc.


The biggest reason for this is that the woman is not excited properly. Foreplay before sex should be given more attention and prevent the mind from wandering during sex.

  1. Vaginal Pain

Women sometimes have pain under the navel and around the pubic area. In such a situation, lubrication takes place, but orgasm does not happen. Due to this, the blood in this area decreases and pain starts.


At the time of sex, it is very important to take care of the position and the state of mind of the partner. But if you are more worried about this problem then consult a doctor.

  1. Impotency

The main reasons for impotency are diabetes, high blood pressure, excess of fat etc. Consumption of cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol can also cause erection problems.


Keep your sugar level and blood pressure under control. Exercise regularly. If despite this the problem is not resolved, then you should contact a sexologist.

  1. Take care of likes and dislikes

Both partners can have different likes and dislikes regarding sex. This can also cause problems in making sexual relations.


It is important for you to connect emotionally with your partner. Discuss about your likes and dislikes before sex. Talking openly about sex makes sex enjoyable and memorable.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!