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What are the blue balls?

Blue balls can occur when a man is turned on without having sex. This for the time being causes a pool of blood in the testicles.

The medical period for this is epididymal hypertension.

Blue balls are a controversial topic as there is no medical agreement that they exist. There has also been very little research on this subject.

People with blue balls in the testicles may experience the following symptoms :

  • inactivity
  • Pain
  • gentle anxiety or pain

Sexual arousal causes the arteries that expand blood to the male genitalia to increase blood flow to this area. The veins that usually carry blood away from the genitals trap the blood there and cause an erection.

After ejaculation, or if a man stops feeling aroused, the blood vessels return to their normal size with the penis and testicles puffy.

People can get over the sensation of blue balls by distracting themselves from ejaculation or any activity that is not stimulated until the symptoms collapse.


The blue balls are not dangerous. Any discomfort should subside once the erection has passed and blood flow to the genitals should return to normal life.

A person does not need a partner to get rid of the blue ball through sex. They can relieve symptoms by ejaculating through masturbation or engaging in a non-stimulating activity to sidetrack them.

The testicles are not blue, but can take on a soft blue tint. This is due to an increase in the amount of blood in the area.

If a person notices that the testicles turn blue or purple, it could be a reliable source of a more serious problem called testicular torsion. Health professionals think it a medical emergency.

Treatment –

Blue balls are a temporary painful feeling in the testicles that should go away once the overload blood flows through that area and blood pressure returns to normal. It usually doesn’t last long.

People can get rid of blue balls through masturbation or by ejaculating during sex with a agreeable partner.

If a person is unable or disinclined to masturbate, other method can be used to lower blood pressure and eliminate stimulation.

Some ways to decrease stimulation include :

  • focusing on work or problem solving as a distraction
  • taking a cold shower to help limit blood flow to the genitals
  • Lying down to increase blood flow to the testicles
  • exercising to stimulate normal blood flow in the body
  • lifting something heavy to relieve pressure on other areas of the body, if possible
  • applying a warm compress to the testicle to reduce pain

People may find that taking over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen can help treat more severe pain.

Anyone who experiences severe or long-drawn-out pain in the testicles or who has any of the symptoms of any of the following conditions should seek medical concentration.

Bottom Line-

In most cases, blue balls are 100% treatable if you can treat the underlying physical, emotional and psychosomatic causes, as long as you visit a genuine sexologist near you and avoid the disorder that has been sexually inappropriate by Indian Health The Network.

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