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In general terms, sex is defined as the sexual relationship between a man and a woman. But depending on your sexual orientation and personal definition of sex, that may not necessarily be the case. Let’s take a look at what sex is supposed to be.

Definition of sex-

What does sex mean?

Well, the most commonly accepted definition of sex refers to vaginal intercourse. Intercourse in the dictionary is defined as the penetration of a woman’s vagina by a man’s penis (also known as coitus). In contrast, other forms of penetration, such as anal or oral, do not involve intercourse.

That said, the traditional dictionary meaning of sex doesn’t come close to covering the widest range of sexual activities that people engage in. Other forms of physical intimacy fall under the umbrella of sex, such as having sex with multiple partners.

When it comes to sex during pregnancy, there are many misconceptions about the couple. Many are concerned about the effect sex will have on the baby, but the truth is that having sex during pregnancy does not have the potential to harm the fetus at any part of the pregnancy.

Another popular myth is that sexual pregnancy can induce labor, but medical study after medical study has shown that this is absolutely not the case. Maintaining a healthy sex life during pregnancy is safe and completely natural.

A woman’s natural sex drive may actually increase during certain periods of her pregnancy.

Research studies do not indicate that vaginal sex in any way causes preterm labor or premature birth of the baby.

During sexual intercourse, the baby is protected by well-developed uterine muscles, amniotic fluid, and the natural mucous plug that develops around the cervix.

“It’s completely safe for a woman to have sex during pregnancy unless her doctor or midwife tells her otherwise.”

Bottom line –

However, if you feel a problem during sex, just release your partner and talk to your doctor. This is a very important part of that time. You need to counseling regarding health.

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