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Marriage in simple words-
Arranging marriage has been a practice in Indian society for a long time. Even today, most Indians are married by their parents and other respected members of the family. Recent studies suggest that Indian culture is moving away from traditional arranged marriages.

Marriage is a sacred relationship between couples in India and that’s the reason that we have an elaborate process of getting married on the line with the religious rules and tenets to be followed during the marriage ceremony. The relationship has been considered so unique and important that historically it was taken as god’s wish to have married someone and to keep the marriage intact all through life. As the world changes so does the philosophy towards everything and hence along with other aspects of life marriage too got a different understanding from what it was supposed to be. Now marriage is looked upon as a social institution to carry forward the legacy of child-rearing more than anything else. And the essence of sacredness has gone down. Why has gone down sacredness, which we will be discussing in this segment?

Most of us have seen couples with loving relationships that we admire. However, in today’s world, many couples still end up divorced—the many reasons for this mental problem.

Let us check out-
Each year, on average, between 3,500 and 5,500 matrimonial cases are filed in each district/family court, especially in cities, metropolitan areas, and rural areas. From here it can be inferred how the concept of marriage has been descending by transfer. really. Looking at the scheme, we can come to some of the reasons for the increasing number of divorce cases in India.

Here are several reasons given-

By forced marriage –
Unlike the early days when two people were forced to marry and they still get married by force today and they don’t have a good chance of surviving for long. Before, the parents made all the decisions and the children only respected those decisions and lived from what was done for them. This sense of respecting the judgment of elders has died out for the simple reason that the current generation has begun to think differently in terms of one’s own life, freedom and liberation. Nowadays it’s more about yourself than being selfless, so if the forced marriage doesn’t fit well into the psyche of the person(s), then decide to dissolve it. This is one of the compelling reasons for divorce in India.

Difference in lifestyle and attitude-

With the modernization of society, there has been a great change in the way an individual reflects her attitude towards others. Since two people from two different backgrounds are coming into the marriage, they may not be in a position to accommodate everything at all costs. If there is a big difference in their outlook on life and material, then they do not want to commit and therefore decide to end the marriage sometimes amicably and sometimes without consent. This has become one of the biggest reasons for divorce, especially divorce by mutual consent.

Financial Freedom-

Finances and financial independence can be another reason for divorce. Since in today’s world most of both partners are working and earning a living for themselves, so there is no financial dependency as in previous years. Both of you can take care of your life even when you are apart, so if there is a breaking point in the marriage, you can easily decide to move on without placing any obligations on each other. This is a very good decision for a better life. You can grow with this positivity.

Romantic feeling lost – no familiarity-

Very often, the intimacy that can be considered a seasoning in the life of a married couple is lost due to overwork, less time for each other, children, a small house with many people, etc., and this is reason of loss of interest. Which then leads to a breakup between the couple? The little intimacy and the rare courtship sessions make both members of the couple lose interest in each other. On the contrary, sometimes having the same monotonous way of intimacy also generates disharmony in couples. This reason for divorce is more psychological than logical.

Fraudulent marriages-

In the old days, marriage used to be a long process that involved the relatives of both parties and this process of going to the house of the bride and groom often ruled out any possibility of misinformation. Today marriage has become an instant affair. In many cases I have handled that couples met on social networks or marriage sites and then decided to get married only to discover that what was reported on the Internet was not 100% truthful. Once they find out about the fraud, these couples decide not to go through with the marriage and want to file for divorce. Cheating is one of the reasons for divorce because couples cannot stand the feeling of being cheated on in marriage.

Abuse and inhumanity-

In a relationship where there is abuse and cruelty, it is better to end it. The cruelty can be both physical and mental, and the perpetrators can be both men and women. A marriage relationship that is supposed to be a bond of love and respect is rendered meaningless on the basis of abusing and torturing one another. This is not only a reason for divorce, but also a legal basis for divorce. Be faithful to your life partner, otherwise the result is very dangerous.

The above examples are some of the reasons that push a person in marriage to look for alternatives to dissolve the so-called problematic marriage. Those are the reasons that bring a person to the bar to seek redress under the law, but they should not be considered as grounds for allowing the dissolution of the marriage. Our legal system has laid out in detail that a person can go to court to file a divorce case. Unless one or more of these reasons are met, the court will not consider the application/petition for dissolution of marriage. When one files a petition for divorce, one must clearly mention at least one of the grounds mentioned in the law. The grounds for filing a divorce case are-
• Adultery.
• Desertification.
• Madness.
• Conversion.
• Renunciation.
• Cruelty.
• Sexual dysfunction.
• Presumption of death.

Although there is still much to learn, here are some habits that make the difference between a happy marriage and an unhappy marriage:

• be fickle
• Solve problems and conflicts by talking about them.
• token of love
• Constantly engaged with each other.
• Know when to give up something.
• Always willing to work on the relationship.
• Create a nice or romantic atmosphere.

Life is a beautiful, So one quotes fit here –

I’m here. I love you. I don’t care if you need to stay up crying all night long, I will stay with you. There’s nothing you can ever do to lose my love. I will protect you until you die, and after your death, I will still protect you. I am stronger than depression and I am braver than loneliness and nothing will ever exhaust me.” – Elizabeth Gilbert